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Affirm Step 2 Creme Relaxer

by Affirm
Avlon Affirm Step 2 Creme Relaxer is conditioning relaxer system for professional use only. Conditions the hair before, during and after chemical processing as part of an innovative four-step relaxer system. (Sodium Hydroxide Formula) is a breakthrough formula that retains 81% of the fiber elasticity. Technologically advanced formulas give you smoother more consistent straightening.

Available formulas: Original in mild, normal and resistant strengths; Control in normal strength (Time Release formula).
Liquid crystalline technology for superior straightening
Conditions simultaneously as it relaxes hair
Blend of exotic and cutting edge conditioning ingredients
Improved Creamier Consistency

Provides Superior straightening
Leaves hair silky smooth
Softens and moisturizes hair
Hair looks healthy, shiny and radiant

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