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Pharma Eczema Cream


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June Milnrow Pharma Eczema Cream ,The unique formula of June Milnrow Pharma Eczema relieves the symptoms of Eczema in days, it at the same time soothes skin that delivers low molecular weight hydrolysed collagen by covering the effected part of skin keeping it moisturized and shiny. Works for very dry skin & suitable for all ages including babies & all skin type.PharmaEczema cream is specially formulated with natural herbs that moisturises and softens skin and treat Eczema. It provides all the moisturising and protective benefits of Paraffin based emollients and can treat eczema, psoriasis and other very dry skin conditions. It is especially effective if applied immediately after washing to counteract the loss of essential oils from the skin. For best results continue for 3-4 weeks even after the symptoms of dry skin disappear.