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Black Seed Herbal Oil

by Rigel

Black Seed Herbal Oil

Rigel 100% pure & natural Black Seed Herbal Oil. Most effective natural remedies. Use in Aromatherapy and to restore hair loss. It is also used topically to naturally soften, strengthen and firm skin.

Benefits of Black Seed Oil

  • Black Seed Oil prevents diabetes because it lowers the level of glucose in blood, reduces insulin resistance, and stimulates the production of beta cells of the pancreas in diabetes patients..
  • It is very beneficial for weight loss.
  • It prevents common colds, flu and relieves their symptoms..
  • It may help promote strengthened hair roots and help to restore hair loss.
  • Black Seed Oil supports the cardiovascular system, lowers blood pressure as well reduces bad cholesterol level and stomach ache.
  • It strengthens the immune system..
  • Black Seed Oil regulates liver & kidneys functions, detoxifies and cures gastric ulcers..

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